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BooksCafe (https://www.bookscafe.co.in) is an online rental platform that gives members access to hundreds of business and entrepreneurship books. There are simple membership packages available. Members can rent any book at any moment and keep it for as long as the rental period lasts. We provide speedy and secure book delivery and pick-up throughout Bengaluru.

We provide our members a selection of books classified into ten major categories (check our "Browse by Categories") Allowing them to quickly select the book of their choice.

  • Affordability: Depending on your subscription plan, you can receive direct access to thousands of books at a minimal price. We are committed to complete transparency in all of our transactions with you.
  • Choice: Choose from a huge database of books in a variety of genres. The database is constantly updated to include more new books based on member comments, new publications, and other happenings in the book world.
  • Availability: To minimize waiting time, multiple copies of books are available.
  • Delivery: 1 Free home delivery and pick-up, with a confirmed delivery date.
  • Member-centric: A user-friendly website that allows for quick navigation and book search. Professional and friendly customer care is available to answer any queries you may have.
  • Pay As You Read: You can rent a book at a time, depending on your membership plan. However, there are no limits to the number of books you can rent in a month.
  • Plentiful Rental period: We provide enough days for you to keep a book with you. Our rental period often runs from 7 to 15 days, depending on the book. However, because other members may be on the waiting list, we ask that you return the book within a reasonable time frame. We normally send a reminder on the seventh day. If the subscribed book is in great demand or is a best-seller/hotseller, the rental period is limited to seven days.
  • Interactive: We encourage members to provide feedback, reviews, and ratings on the books in order to help other members make more informed decisions. We also provide members with our own recommendations and suggestions based on their profile and rental history.

After a 24-hour processing time, your order will be delivered to you on the following Friday (excluding weekends and major holidays). Before the book is shipped, you will be notified both on the date and time.

All books are in good condition. We make every effort to supply you with high-quality new and used books.After all, we’d like to rent the book to someone else once you’re done with it, so it’s in our interest to provide quality books.

Our rental periods should provide you with ample time to finish your reading, but if you need to extend your rental period or re-rent the book entirely, please contact us. You get an additional 7 days (grace time) to rent the book before you can re-rent it.

We understand that owing to other commitments, your book reading may be prioritised at times, therefore we make sure you have enough time (rental period) for the books. Our rental time often runs from 7 to 20 days, depending on the book. However, because other members may be on the waiting list, we would like you to return the book as soon as you finish it. There are, however, no late fines.

Yes. To receive delivery and email notifications, you should first register. Your account also allows you to view your rental history, rental status, and other related information.

As soon as your registration process is completed, you can order or add books to your queue depending upon the availability. Once your order is confirmed please allow us a 24 hour processing period (excluding weekends and major holidays) following which your book will be delivered on upcoming Fiday.

You can log in to your account and track which book has been dispatched for you. We cannot however provide the precise time of delivery. You will also receive an email from us once a book is dispatched.

We make every effort to keep track of your books and deliver them on time.If we have delivered the book and it has not arrived by the specified date, please contact us immediately and we will resolve the issue.

We expect you to keep the book as you look after your own belongings. However, in this case, you will be required to pay us the cost of the book.

Simply click the “My Account” section of our website and select the “Return Book” option against your order history, or call us and tell us that you want to return the book, and we will arrange for a pick-up executive to collect the book from your home/office. Pay the rent (delivery charges) to the pick-up executive, and you'll get an online invoice for the payment made against your order. When we get the book, we will update your account to reflect that the books have been returned and send you a confirmation email. This procedure brings the rental cycle to a close and clears your account.

We will update your “Order History” at the end of the pick-up cycle. You can view this update by visiting the “My Account” section.

Please refer to our plans. In addition to the basic rental fee, we charge a one-time refundable security deposit. Also there is a one-time registration fee of Rs.500 (non-refundable)

We only accept payments online. When you have finished reading, please notify us, and we will pick up the book; you will only need to pay the basic delivery charge to the pick-up executive for the book you read. (1 Free Delivery per month. 2nd delivery onwards need to pay delivery charges based on the location)

Yes, absolutely! We do not rent, sell or disclose any of our customers’ personal information to third parties.

Have more questions? Feel free to email us at [email protected] We look forward to hear from you!