About BooksCafe

BooksCafe is an online book rental platform that offers a wide selection of business books to its customers (currently serving in Bengaluru). Our readers have access to both new and used books, as well as a vast catalogue, quick and reliable delivery.


Our main vision is for readers to be able to read any business book they want without having to worry about the price. Also, to create a platform where book lovers can come together and discuss their common interests with like-minded people share their interests, as well as exchange or rent their books if they wish. We also want to provide a platform for new authors to come and showcase their work so that readers are aware of who they are and what they have to offer.


Our mission is to connect book readers with the business books they want to read in order to excel.

BooksCafe has been assisting readers, entrepreneurs, and organisations in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and competency they require to succeed.

Aside from casual reading, BooksCafe’s BizHub segment provides our readers with access to curated content such as:
  • Business Book video summaries, Short insights E-books
  • Case studies and Whitepapers relevant to business domains mapping to books
  • Self-improvement and motivational advices from well-known businesspeople and entrepreneurs.
  • Across all domains, access to relevant Podcasts, Workshops, and Seminars.
  • Encourage the habit of reading by reading Recommendations emails (scientific and useful reading techniques).
  • All readers receive weekly and biweekly emails to encourage them to read through recommendations and offers.
  • Our subscribers have access to blogs, author interviews, excerpts, curated video summaries and the latest news, among other things.

In a nutshell, the BooksCafe reading platform is a one-stop marketplace for corporate reading.

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